Attorney James Lin

James Lin

Educational Background

Undergraduate Degree: Political Science, University of California, Here, the foundation of Lin’s understanding in political theory and constitutional law was laid, sparking his interest in the legal profession.

Juris Doctor Degree: University of Chicago. At university, Lin was an active member of the University of Chicago Review, devoting his time to legal reform and public policy, ensuring him of staying on the right path in law.

Professional Experience

Judicial Clerkship:

Position: Clerk to the Court at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Activities: Supported the judges in judicial decisions, developed analytical skills, and acquired an in-depth understanding of legal reasoning.

Civil Litigation Attorney

Firm: Prestigious law firm in San Francisco.

Focus: The specialization includes civil litigation—contract disputes and intellectual property litigation.

Achievements: Distinguished for an impeccable rate at drafting such contracts and efficiently preparing the cases which could stand any challenge in a court of law.

In-House Counsel

Company: A leading tech firm in Silicon Valley.

Areas of Focus: Privacy, data protection, and corporate governance.

Commitments: Translated complicated legal issues into strategic business advice, supporting the executive decision-making process.

Current Role at DulinLaw Company

Position: Attorney


  • Commercial litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Regulatory compliance

Approach: Lin equips his vast base with comprehensive and meticulous legal service, integrating experiences from his past roles. He is wholeheartedly committed to client services, characterized by a devotion towards excellence and to depth and scope in legal concern.

Impact: At DulinLaw, Lin brings a wide range of experience, providing judicious advice as well as compelling advocacy tailored to meet the particular needs of individual clients. His work contributes significantly to the firm’s reputation for excellence, and his capacity to navigate through the complexities of varied legal domains.

Professional Philosophy

Professional philosophy, as set forth by James Lin, revolves around ethics, diligence, and the struggle for justice. He is dedicated to preserving professional standards and continuously enhancing his knowledge and skills towards the betterment of clients and contribution to the society.

Through the structured practice of law, Lin has earned himself a position at DulinLaw Company as an invaluable asset, especially signifying the commitment of the firm towards giving high-class legal services.

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