Infomart Background Check Mistakes

Infomart is an American company specializing in conducting background checks for businesses and private individuals. Having been in operation for over 30 years, Infomart offers a broad range of services, including criminal history checks, education and employment history verifications, as well as drug screening. These checks assist employers in making informed hiring decisions, minimizing risks, and ensuring workplace safety.

Background checks through Infomart are essential not only for verifying the accuracy of information provided by a candidate but also for complying with legal requirements in certain industries. Checks contribute to creating a trustful atmosphere between employees and management, reduce the likelihood of fraud and dishonesty, and help maintain a high level of professionalism in the team.

Types of Infomart Checks

Type of CheckPurposeReason for Importance
Criminal PastIdentifying potential criminal recordsReducing the risk of hiring individuals with a dangerous past
EducationConfirming level of education and qualifications obtainedEnsuring employee’s qualifications meet requirements
Employment HistoryChecking past places of employment and job responsibilitiesConfirming professional experience and reliability
Drug ScreeningDetecting possible drug useEnsuring safety and health at the workplace
Terrorism and Sanctions Lists CheckIdentifying individuals on watch listsComplying with legislative requirements and ensuring safety

How Long Does an Infomart Background Check Take?

Below is a table of approximate times for various types of checks offered by Infomart:

Type of CheckApproximate Completion Time
Criminal Past2-3 days
Education Verification3-5 days
Employment History3-5 days
Drug Screening1-3 days
Terrorism and Sanctions Lists Check2-4 days

This table provides a general idea of the Infomart background check duration, but it’s important to remember that specific timelines may vary depending on numerous factors. For example, if the check requires obtaining information from foreign sources or if discrepancies requiring further investigation are discovered, the Infomart background check time may increase.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Correcting Errors in an Infomart Background Check Report

If you encounter incorrect information in your Infomart inc background check results, it’s important to know how to efficiently and quickly correct these errors. Follow these steps to ensure your information is accurately reflected in the Infomart system:

  1. Obtain a copy of your background check report: First, request a full copy of your Infomart background check results. This will allow you to see all the information that has been collected about you and identify potential errors or inaccuracies.
  2. Carefully review the report for errors: Check each section of your report, including personal data, employment history, criminal past, and other verified information. Ensure all data is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Gather supporting documents: If you find errors, collect all necessary documents that can prove the correct information. These could be copies of educational documents, workbooks, court decisions, and other official papers.
  4. Contact Infomart’s support department: Use the contact information provided in your report to discuss the discovered errors with Infomart. Be prepared to provide supporting documents and explain the situation in detail.
  5. Track the correction process: After reaching out to Infomart, regularly contact them to track the status of your correction request. Ensure you have received confirmation that the necessary changes have been made.
  6. Receive an updated background check report: Once the changes have been made, request a new copy of your Infomart background check results to ensure all errors have been corrected and your information now accurately reflects reality.
  7. Seek legal advice if necessary: If, despite your efforts, errors in the background check report cannot be corrected on your own, it’s time to seek professional legal assistance. Our lawyers specialize in issues related to background checks and can offer the necessary support in resolving your problem with Infomart.

Correcting errors in your background check report is a critical step in ensuring your reputation and future opportunities. By following these simple steps, you can quickly and effectively resolve any issues, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your background check through Infomart.

Real Customer Stories with Errors in Background Check Reports

  • Michael and the Wrong Criminal Past: Michael’s job search became incredibly challenging when he discovered that his Infomart background check erroneously contained criminal past information belonging to a completely different person with a similar name. This misunderstanding nearly cost him his career.
  • Jennifer and the “Missing” Diploma: Jennifer, having graduated from a prestigious university, faced difficulties in getting hired because her background check results lacked information about her education. The issue was due to a data entry error, causing her educational achievements to be overlooked.
  • Jason and Employment History Issues: When checking his background, Jason found that his Infomart USA background check was missing records of his two most recent jobs. This created a false impression of his professional reliability and stability.
  • Sarah and the Incorrect Drug Screening: Sarah was shocked to learn that her background check report through Infomart included data on a positive drug test, which in fact was a mistake due to confusion in the laboratory. The error was corrected only after her persistent inquiries.
  • Chris and the Wrong Check Status: Chris struggled to get the results of his background check for a long time because his Infomart background check status erroneously indicated that the check was still ongoing, even though in reality, it had been completed much earlier. This delay negatively affected his plans to relocate and start a new job.

These examples highlight the importance of paying close attention to your Infomart background check results and being prepared to act to correct any errors. They also illustrate the value of seeking professional help if attempts to resolve the issue on your own do not lead to success.


Infomart’s background check services play a crucial role in the hiring process, employee vetting, and ensuring legal compliance and safety in the workplace. However, errors in background check reports can have serious repercussions for individuals. By understanding the turnaround time, knowing how to correct errors, and recognizing when to seek legal assistance, individuals can protect their rights and ensure their background check results accurately reflect their history. Our law firm is dedicated to assisting those affected by inaccuracies in their reports, emphasizing confidentiality, risk mitigation, due diligence, and legal compliance throughout the process. Whether it’s a matter of employment verification, criminal database accuracy, identity verification, or compliance checks, we’re here to help navigate the complexities of background investigations and verification services to safeguard your professional future.

Advantages of Turning to Our Law Firm

Turning to our law firm provides significant advantages for individuals facing problems in their background check reports with Infomart. With a deep understanding of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) law and extensive experience in similar cases, we offer free legal services, with payment made by the respondent in case of litigation. Our approach is based on an individual strategy for each client, as evidenced by hundreds of satisfied customers and multimillion-dollar compensations obtained as a result of our work. We aim to maximize the protection of our clients’ rights, ensuring the accuracy and fairness in the processing of their data.

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